Helping Adolescents and Young Adults Succeed




At Tucker and Associates Coaching, we provide in-the-trenches support for your adolescent or young adult who is having trouble navigating life. If they have interpersonal problems and they want to learn to communicate better, trouble with making positive choices and they need help thinking critically and weighing thier options, conflict with peers or at school and they want to learn conflict resolution, inability to move forward and they need small, manageable action steps, or if they are experiencing any of the other pitfalls that young adults struggle with, we will walk beside your adolescent or young adult to help teach the skills necessary to be thrive. If there are gender or sexuality issues, we can provide the support needed to help cement a healthy identity. We also provide parenting coaching to assist in more peaceful family communication and to increase connection. 

Adolescence and young adulthood are massively confusing times, especially in the world today. Giving your young person the tools to succeed while they are still launching is vital. Our goal is to assist in a smooth launch. We help facilitate communication with teachers, administrators, legal entities, and can assist in setting goals, providing accountability in areas such as random drug testing, finding solutions to complicated situations and finding resources whether they need tutoring, job training, lessons of any kind, or social support. We use a personal project management tool to assist your adolescent or young adult in breaking down tasks to bite-sized steps, and to help them achieve accountability, and ultimately, success in the world. 


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